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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What age group is EduQuest appropriate for? A. EduQuest is designed for class trips for grades K-5.

Q. Does EduQuest align with New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Standards? A. The Character Education Academy at MagiQuest is a program deeply rooted in the same values being promoted by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards 9.1 and 9.2: All students will develop original thoughts and ideas, think creatively, develop habits of inquiry, and take intellectual and performance risks... In addition, students will work collaboratively with a variety of groups and demonstrate the essential components of character development and ethics, including trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, fairness, caring, and citizenship. — New Jersey Department of Education Standard 9.2

Q. How long does it complete the EduQuest experience? A. The EduQuest Program is approximately 2 hours. We also have space available for the children to eat lunch, which we estimate 30 minutes. Afterwards, the children receive their tokens or participate in any additional Funplex attractions that were included in your package. You determine the length of your stay. The trip can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 5 based on additional activities.

Q. How does EduQuest cost? A. EduQuest offers two Package Options. On the day of the trip, students can participate in the EduQuest Program and receive 20 Game Tokens for $9.95 per person or can participate in EduQuest as an add-on to an existing package at $6.95 per person.

Q. How do I organize my students to participate in MagiQuest? A. Please divide your students into groups of three (groups of four or five, if needed). Groups should be mixed ability. If you have strong leaders in your classroom, please divide them into separate groups. They will work cooperatively on their journey and read from a booklet. Also, if you have students who have previously been to MagiQuest, spread them out into different groups.

Q. Can I bring a chaperone for the class? A. Yes, chaperones are welcome to come free of charge. Please put name tags on your students. Throughout the quests, students are encouraged to problem solve with their group, and adult help will be minimal.

Q. If students have previously been to MagiQuest and have a wand, can they bring it to use? A. No, students will be using a loaner wand at the Character Education Academy. Students will each be given a coupon that can be used towards a future visit.

Q. Can you serve lunch? A. Lunch or snacks can be arranged, just let us know in advance.

Q. Can EduQuest accommodate special needs children? A. Yes, EduQuest welcomes special needs children, and our staff can work with you to ensure their needs are met. Contact us before your visit so we can make any necessary arrangements required for your visit.

Q. What different learning styles are incorporated in EduQuest? A. The interactive components of EduQuest provide visual and spatial stimulation that will keep young learners engaged. Verbal communication and interpersonal (social) skills are also stimulated, as students must effectively speak with each other to accomplish their team goals. The experience also engages auditory faculties, as auditory cues signal when goals are achieved.

Q. Are there skills that EduQuest stimulates in addition to those meeting the state educational requirements? A. Physical (kinesthetic) motor skills are also exercised, as students must move around and interact with specific objects in order to accomplish their goals. Logical (mathematical) skills are also a critical component of EduQuest. In the K-2 program students must follow a sequence of directions in story format. In the 3-5 program students must solve riddles by reasoning with their groups. Both team and individual problem solving skills are also engaged. Teamwork is the foundation for EduQuest, as students are required to cooperate in order to complete their quest. Additionally, students reflect individually on the character traits they learned at the conclusion of each program.

Q. Does EduQuest incorporate any post-experience exercises to reinforce the lessons students learned? A. In the K-2 program, students write about how they completed their quest. In the 3-5 program students reflect on their teamwork skills in writing and as group discussion.

For more information, contact Kim Williams at 973 428-8772.

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