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What is EduQuest?

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EduQuest 101

EduQuest is an educational program created by teachers for teachers that uses the MagiQuest attraction at The Funplex in East Hanover, New Jersey as its classroom. The program was designed with two goals: to provide a program that meets New Jersey’s Department of Education Core Curriculum Content standards in the all important areas of Literacy and Character Education; and to provide an affordable, approved field trip destination where students are energized, motivated, and get the most from their educational experience.

The program transforms the popular MagiQuest attraction at The Funplex to “The Character Education Academy at MagiQuest.” This magical, interactive setting is the perfect environment for performance-based lessons in collaboration, creativity, responsibility, literacy, fairness and citizenship.

EduQuest creates a positive and engaging fantasy realm where youngsters encounter numerous learning experiences and face stimulating challenges. Using wands that activate flat screens and other devices in trees, mountains and other parts of the realm, students are naturally motivated to learn and achieve.

For more information, contact Kim Williams at 973 428-8772.

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