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EduQuest Programs

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Developed by teachers, for teachers

EduQuest programs for elementary school students — grades K-2 and grades 3-5 — meet New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards 9.1 and 9.2 as well as New Jersey State Language Arts Literacy Standards and standards for Career Education, and Consumer, Family, and Life Skills.

EduQuest for Grades K-2

Class members will be able to implement character and teamwork traits in a group setting. Underscoring its strong literary component, they will also be able to participate in a read-aloud activity and complete a story with writing and pictures.

EduQuest for Grades 3-5

Students in the grades 3-5 level will be able to identify and describe character traits such as collaboration, cooperation, and creativity, and to implement these traits in a group setting.

EduQuest’s developers

EduQuest was created by two highly noted primary education specialists —

Shea Moore — Reading specialist; Master’s of Education in Reading and Literacy; Educational Consultant.

Brett Moore — Junior High Teacher; Master’s of Education in Curriculum, Technology, and Educational Reform; Educational consultant.

For more information, contact Kim Williams at 973 428-8772.

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